Map of Parker CO SoCo.PM.ORG
Parker, CO 80134

SOuthern COlorado Perl Mongers Group

SoCo.PM.ORG was (a long time ago) the SOuthern COlorado Perl Mongers group. The group disbanded when I moved North to Parker CO. Can a group of one person disband? Anyway... We took a vote and decided it was time to get the band back together.

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The mission of SoCo.PM.ORG is to build an association of Perl (and programming in general) enthusiasts around Parker Colorado.

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Our strategy will evolve as the group does, but for now it will include...

  • Find cool places to meet.
  • Invite cool people.
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Goals will change often (I hope)...

  1. Get a "meetup" account.
  2. Create a meetup
  3. Invite a bunch of people.
  4. Meet

Join the Group

Everyone is welcome. Send me an email if you have any questions, otherwise just show up at a meeting.